Current Greatest Need:

Dodson Specialty Clinics Ambassador 

The purpose of the Dodson Specialty Clinics Ambassador is to provide supportive interactions to the 600+ patients and families that arrive daily, allowing for a more positive clinic experience and giving medical staff the ability to focus on the specialized aspects of their roles. 

The Dodson Clinics Ambassador: 

1. Checks out a pager and cabinet magnet from the volunteer office at start of shift. Responds to pages promptly. At end of shift, checks pager and magnet back in.

. Checks in with Child Life supervisor at Dodson Clinics building.

3. Supervises and supports patients and/or siblings in waiting areas while physicians and other staff consult with parents. 

4. Provides simple art and craft or game activities to help patients and families pass the time. 

5. Assists parents in transporting children to their cars by wagon or wheelchair after medical procedures. Returns wagons and wheelchairs to the appropriate clinic and disinfectas them.. 

6. Assists in transporting samples to the lab as requested by supervising staff. 

7. Organizes and fills Half Price Books carts in clinic waiting rooms, as needed..

8. Helps ensure a safe, clean environment for patients and families in waiting areas by picking up toys and other supplies when finished with them. Disinfects used toys and returns them to storage area. Approximately 10-30 minutes of each shift is dedicated to toy cleaning. 

9. Any other reasonable task requested by supervising staff. 

The volunteer WILL NOT carry children or infant carriers at all. Parents must transport any child not able to walk who is not in a wheelchair or wagon. 

This volunteer placement reports to the Dodson Child Life Specialists. 


New Volunteer Orientation, Patient Care Orientation, CPR (provided by Cook Children's)

Any additional service-specific training required by supervising staff 

Characteristics Required: Mature, Self-directed, Initiative, Responsible, Outgoing. 

Physical Requirements: bending, carrying, crawling (some), holding, kneeling, lifting, manual dexterity, pushing/pulling (wheelchairs/wagons), sitting, sorting, squatting, standing, stooping, twisting, vision, extensive walking, writing by hand 

Communication and Cognitive Abilities Required: analytical/logical, decision making, foreign language helpful(Spanish), hearing, reading, speaking, writing. Use Vocera to contact Child Life staff, as needed.

Environmental Demands: stress, noise, blood borne pathogens 

Organizational Interactions: Cook Children's Staff (outside department), patients and families, physicians, other volunteers 

Job Risk: Category II (potential exposure to blood, body fluids or tissue)